10 cumdumps + 100 breeders

at the Crew Club bathhouse in Washington, DC

drink specials at Trade Bar across the street


NOW – taking ticket requests via Twitter DM, have pics

Wednesday July 5 – ticket links sent to invitees, promo codes available to use
Wednesday July 12 – email reminder, promo codes expire

Friday July 14 – freakoff drink specials at Trade
Friday July 14 – 8-10pm Round 1: 10 cumdumps + 100 breeders
Friday July 14 – 10pm-midnight Round 2: 10 cumdumps + 100 breeders

Q & A

Can do I wear? Nude, jockstraps, harnesses/gear are fine. Masks are fine.

Will there be filming anywhere during the event? There will not be filming allowed in open areas. Filming can only happen in the private dressing rooms with the consent of the participants.

Will I have to decide whether to be a bottom or top? Yes. This is a cumdump breeding session. If you are not a designated cumdump, you are a designated breeder.

When can I enter? You will select tickets to enter in Round 1 from 8-10pm or Round 2 from 10pm-midnight.

How long can I stay? Cumdumps can stay for up to 6 hours from time of entry and have a private room to use during that time. Breeders can stay for up to 2 hours from time of entry and have a locker to use during that time.

How many tickets will be available? 10 cumdump tickets and 100 breeder tickets for each round. Round 1 cumdumps will be able to stay through Round 2 and longer.

How much are tickets?
Round 1 cumdump tickets are $60
Round 1 breeder tickets are $20
Round 2 cumdump tickets are $60
Round 2 breeder tickets are $20

How can I get tickets? DM w/ pics on twitter to request pre-sale tickets available July 5. Tickets can only be used for this event. There will be tickets available at entry for breeders, space permitting.

What criteria will you use to choose cumdumps? For cumdumps, you must commit to prepare during the week ahead for a long breeding session. You are there to serve the many tops that choose you. You must be ready and capable. You must also promote the event via mentioning it on twitter, grindr, scruff, sniffies, and/or bbrt, wherever you are active. This is your chance to get all your favorite breeders in one place, so make sure they know about it and get a personal invite. You may be asked to submit photos or a social media handle that can be used in promotional materials.

What criteria will you use to choose breeders? Breeders need to be ready and willing to pump and dump. This will not be the place for long 1 on 1 sessions. Take advantage of how wet the cumdumps are and then make room for the next breeder. You are there to add your seed, not monopolize any one cumdump.

Do I have to have any vaccines to enter? No, there will not be any confirmation of covid or monkeypox vaccines, however it is recommended you have them.